Endless possibilities

The new 3U Vision optical sorters allow you to eliminate all impurities, diseases and defects from seeds, cereals, legumes, and dried fruit in order to improve food quality and health; but also from plastics, minerals, glass and metals, for accurate and effective recycling.

We aim to create a technology that has the ability to capture even the smallest detail, to improve nutrition, health and the environment in which we live.



Thanks to over 40 years of experience combined with our new technologies, we have been able to significantly reduce waste, obtain an enormous production capacity of excellent quality, eliminating with unprecedented precision mycotic pathologies, mottled, stained grains, seeds, foreign bodies and any other defects present in durum and soft wheat.



In the seeds, thanks to the 3U Vision sorters, we are able to obtain a pure and high quality seed, eliminating defective seeds of different nature, weeds and all types of foreign bodies.


It is possible to select and exclude all foreign bodies and defective beans that can affect the quality and aroma of the coffee.


In the rice, we are able to reduce the scrap achieving high quality production capacity. We can eliminate with excellent accuracy infesting, spotted grains, chulky, streaked, light yellow, black, barren, green and a lot of other defects due also to the presence of foreign bodies.


In cereals, thanks to the 3U Vision sorters, we are able to eliminate mottled, unhealthy, fusarium diseases, stained grains and any other defect present in all cereals, also due to the presence of weeds or foreign bodies.

Dry Fruits

In dried fruit, thanks to the 3U Vision sorters, we are able to obtain an excellent quality by eliminating products that have stains, not perfectly peeled, withered and with any aesthetic defect as well as shells or foreign bodies present in the incoming product.


In plastic materials, thanks to the 3U Vision sorters, we are able to select based on the colour, on the transparency or on the different chemical composition of the polymer.


The 3U Vision selection of the metal particulate allows to separate the different alloys by shape, colouur and size.


In all minerals, we can carry out selection tests based on your requests and / or needs.

Other appliances

The 3U Vision sorters can be used with all materials, our test room is available to carry out all types of selection tests.